Nanu Nanu

I know I normally do jokey how-to guides on writing, but I need to stop for a moment and address something.


Fic Tip: Get Known

If you're researching ways to market your book and found this, then clearly you and I are in the same boat. I just happened to have fallen into this particular leaky canoe a little before you is all. But don't fear, I won't let us sink--or make you endure this metaphor any longer.

What I mean is you're trying to market yourself. Yeah? Your book has been published, it's out there apparently, but your sales aren't blazing. 

"You're so right, Andrew, but woe is me--what ever shall I do?" you probably didn't actually ask aloud.

"I'll tell you!" I screamed in reply and accidentally startled my elderly dog.


Fic Tip: The Killer Query

You reached into the nether and dragged your novel out kicking and screaming, producing something where there had been nothing. And you did, by gum, because you're freaking awesome. And honestly, for many of us, where you are now, you're past the hard part. In full disclosure, the number of my actual published works are a drop in the bucket compared to how many I've started only to abandon. To look in my writing projects folder on my thumb drive, it's like a graveyard in there--so many dead documents. So you can trust me to know how difficult it can be to start constructing something and have it wobble and collapse halfway through--sometimes, even earlier than that.

So before we get any further, I want you to take a moment, take your hand off the mouse, sit back and close your eyes and just bask in the fact that you finished your novel.

Breathe in, breathe out. Ahhh, nothin' quite like personal success.

Feeling good? All right, take that feeling, bottle it up tight, and keep it close to your feels. You'll need it later, to remind yourself why exactly you're putting yourself through this.

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